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Chandran Coffee Bar

Chandran Coffee Bar is a novel branded coffee shop, offering a wide range of Coffee, Tea, Snacks, and Beverage varieties at the most affordable prices to its customers. Now, Chandran Coffee Bar is looking to expand through franchising on a phased manner and looking for aggressive business partners who are looking for a coffee shop business in the growing Indian market.

“Chandran Coffee Bar is the only brand in India to deliver a wide range of menu at an affordable franchise investment.”

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To find the best coffee in a specific location like Chandran Coffee Bar, I recommend checking online review platforms like Yelp, Google Maps, or TripAdvisor. These platforms usually have user reviews and ratings that can help you identify popular coffee spots and determine which one suits your taste preferences.


Chandran Coffee bar Franchise

R.O.I: The returns on investments and pay back period depend upon various factors such as Location, employee’s involvement, following-up of the SOP, periodic marketing strategies deployed by the Business Partner, geographical location, etc.,
However, we have given the total list of products with their average gross margins. The products and MRP mentioned may vary depending upon the location or the type of business model.